Joshua Udelhofen

Joshua Udelhofen watches his tee shot during the 2015 Wisconsin State Open at University Ridge. (Wis.Golf photo / Jim Kelsh)

Wis.Golf photo / Jim Kelsh

There are two barometers that play a significant role in the final round of any Qualifying School.

One comes from within. The other comes from the weather forecast.

Both conspired against Josh Udelhofen during Friday’s final round of PGA Tour Latinoamerica Qualifying School at Howey-In-The-Hills, Florida. Playing in steady 15-20 mph winds that gusted to 25 mph during his round, the Platteville native struggled off the tee throughout and paid a price during a bumpy seven-hole stretch in the middle of his round that he played in 9-over-par en route to a 7-over 79 that cost him at least conditional status on the developmental circuit by two shots.

Udelhofen finished the 72-hole event on El Campeon Course at Mission Inn Resort & Club at 6-over 294 -- 17 shots behind MJ Maguire, who fired a closing 69 to finish at 11-under 277 and win by three strokes over fellow Americans Harry Higgs (70) and John Chaney (72). The top 35 plus ties at each of five qualifying venues over the next five weeks will gain status south of the border with the winner at each site exempt for the entire season, the next 10 for the first half of the year and the remaining 24 plus ties being exempt conditionally, meaning that they will be added to tournament fields as opportunities based on size and quality of the field allow.

“It is really disappointing, looking back and seeing how close I was,” Udelhofen wrote via text message to Wisconsin.Golf. “It was right there and I didn’t show up when I needed.”

After playing solid and opening 70-72-73 the first three rounds, the former Clarke University golfer saw the forecast felt he could handle the breezy conditions when he saw the forecast. Having his driver cause him problems, however, was a curveball that ultimately cost him.

“Windy conditions are something I would say I’m used to, being from Wisconsin,” Udelhofen said, crediting caddie and former college teammate Andrew Castle of Cloquet, Minnesota, for helping him deal with the nerves of Qualifying School. “I felt comfortable in it and was hitting the ball well all week. (I was) just struggling off the tee (Friday) and it caught up to me on 16, 17, 1 and 3. I hit balls out of play on those holes and it cost me three double(-bogeys) and a bogey.”

Udelhofen started on the back nine and birdied No. 13 to move into the top 15 five holes into his round. However, a bogey at the par-3 15th hole triggered a bogey-double-bogey-bogey finish to the front nine that left him 4-over for the day and 3-over for the week entering the back nine.

Errant drives at Nos. 1 and 3 led to two more double-bogeys and dropped Udelhofen to 8-over for the day. But he rallied with birdies at Nos. 4 and 7 around a bogey at No. 6 to finish strong on a day when the average score -- 75.376 -- was almost two shots higher than it had been the first 54 holes.

“The first three days, I played solid; kept it in play, just couldn’t get a rhythm,” said Udelhofen, who finished the week with 14 pars, 14 bogeys and the three double-bogeys he made Friday. “Definitely a lot of positives to take away. Definitely a good (amount of) pressure was felt.”

Udelhofen, who finished 12th at the 2017 Wisconsin State Open, will now turn his attention to MacKenzie Tour/PGA Tour-Canada Qualifying School. Like the Latinoamerica Tour Q-School, the qualifying process for the developmental tour north of the border also features five qualifying options in California, Florida, Arizona and British Columbia in March, April and early May.

“(It) would make for an amazing summer to play on the MacKenzie tour,” Udelhofen said.


 1-- -11F*-369716869277 
 T24 -8F*-268736970280 
 T21 -8FE71677072280 
 T4-- -7F*E69707072281 
 T4-- -7F*E69697172281 
 63 -6F-171707071282 
 T712 -4F*-267757270284 
 T76 -4F-174667371284 
 T72 -4F170697273284 
 T71 -4F*271697074284 
 T112 -3FE72687372285 
 T112 -3F*E71707272285 
 T1411 -2F-174717071286 
 T163 -1F273726874287 
 T163 -1F270727174287 
 T165 -1F*369717275287 
 T1615 -1F768697179287 
 T201 EF*273707174288 
 T201 EF268737374288 
 T209 EF*E71707572288 
 T2313 2F172776873290 
 T236 2F273737074290 
 T2313 2F176697273290 
 T236 2F*273697474290 
 T2715 3F*E72747372291 
 T279 3F*274717274291 
 T278 3F576667277291 
 T272 3F*372707475291 
 T272 3F467727676291 
 T3212 4F*E76747072292 
 T328 4F*277717074292 
 T323 4F474736976292 
 T323 4F474727076292 
 T324 4F373687675292 
 T377 5F170777373293 
 T3714 5FE72757472293 
 T3718 5F773677479293 
 T4017 6FE73767372294 
 T404 6F*278717174294 
 T404 6F*276717374294 
 T4011 6F674717178294 
 T4015 6F772707379294 
 T4015 6F*770727379294 
 T4624 7F*-171797471295 
 T4611 7F177717473295 
 T4633 7F*1074726782295 
 T492 8F*378717275296 
 T4917 8F*178707573296 
 T492 8F372757475296 
 T498 8F273737674296 
 T497 8F*570767377296 
 T498 8F*274717774296 
 T4943 8F1469677486296 
 5614 9F171767773297 
 T5722 10F-175797371298 
 T57-- 10F480717176298 
 T5713 10F678736978298 
 T5716 10F177737573298 
 T579 10F376727575298 
 T579 10F*374737675298 
 T5713 10F669767578298 
 T5713 10F*670737778298 
 T658 11F*275797174299 
 T658 11F*576757177299 
 T651 11F*476717676299 
 T6525 11F*975717281299 
 T6514 11F672727778299 
 T707 12F278747474300 
 T707 12F275777474300 
 7221 13F*876757080301 
 T7313 14F*180767373302 
 T7311 14F276757774302 
 T73-- 14F575747677302 
 T7316 14F*872767480302 
 T7316 14F*874737580302 
 T788 15F282777074303 
 T786 15F*380767275303 
 T7827 15F*1071747682303 
 T8124 16F1075757282304 
 T812 16F*570778077304 
 T839 17F281747674305 
 T834 17F*678767378305 
 T833 17F474767976305 
 T834 17F*677737778305 
 T875 19F*475768076307 
 T871 19F676747978307 
 T898 20F183807273308 
 T895 20F*377797775308 
 T895 20F*380747975308 
 T8910 20F*981697781308 
 T937 21F879767480309 
 T9323 21F*1375757485309 
 T954 22F*-280817970310 
 T953 22F278788074310 
 T976 23F*976757981311 
 T973 23F*672778478311 
 993 29F*383807975317 
 1001 33F*989747781321 
 1012 35F1177847983323