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Wisconsin golfers, many of whom think of the golf course as their second home, had mixed emotions Wednesday when they woke up to news that an overnight clarification to the "Safer At Home" order from Gov. Tony Evers had effectively shuttered their local muni, favorite mom-and-pop and golf courses of all types until April 24.

Many of them took to social media to express their feelings on the topic. Here are some of their responses:

What you don't know could hurt you

Editor's note: Jack Schultz is a three-time Wisconsin State Golf Association player of the year.

Give us our walk in the park

Dave Rauch Tweet

Absence will make this heart fonder

James Wold Tweet

Don't halt golf's early start

Dylan Tweet

We can't Pack it in now!

NORM SCHULTZ tweet.png

Making a run for the border

MARK KUYAWA twitter.png

Let's go ... while we're young!

Al Czervik tweets

Wait until Peninsula State Park Golf Course opens

TODD SOCZKA tweet.png

Remember the little guy

PITTSTOP tweet.png
MIKE MASIK tweet.png

Sign the petition ... and hope for a reversal

TOM BECKER tweet.png

Pretty please ... ?!

T.J. Smith Tweet

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