Southwest Tech at Chicago Golf Show

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College students have staffed a booth at the Chicago Golf Show.

Amid all the twists and turns and ups and downs of the golf business, one thing has remained constant at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College.

The two-year school in Fennimore continues to boast a 100 percent job placement rate among its Golf Course Management Program graduates. It's a badge of honor Southwest Tech has worn proudly since 1999 and, given the recent resurgence of interest in the game amid COVID-19, won't let up anytime soon.

"We see golf still expanding," said Scott Kennedy, the program's instructor and the coach of the Chargers golf team. "Everybody we're talking to is thinking people are starting to play and keep playing. It gives them great opportunities to get out and, whether there is a vaccine or not, golf can still strive.

"As far as young people, they are in the perfect situation getting into the golf business. We see a lot of our head professionals and a lot of our head superintendents reaching that golden age of thinking about retirement. There is not a lot of backfill behind them. Getting into the golf industry right now is absolutely perfect timing."

In our Wisconsin.Golf Conversation, Kennedy tells our Rob Hernandez about the program at Southwest Tech and how one recent graduate was faced with the option of taking his first full-time job at Whistling Straits in Haven, site of the 2021 Ryder Cup, or at iconic Milwaukee Country Club.

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