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2018 Madison Edgewood Invite medalist Emily Lauterbach

Golf took Emily Lauterbach places the Hartland Arrowhead senior had never been at the start of the week and it returned her to a familiar position by week's end.

But even after three straight days of early wake-up calls and back-to-back days of tournament victories, there was no rest Friday for Lauterbach.

The University of Wisconsin recruit was off to practice her putting, which — had it been up to her usual standards — would have turned a great round at the Madison Edgewood/WPGA Invitational into a phenomenal one. As it was, her 4-under-par 68 on the East Course at Yahara Hills GC gave her a five-shot victory over Kettle Moraine's Madeline Koenig and her Warhawks (322) a four-shot victory over Koenig's Lasers, who had won a tie-breaker over Arrowhead Thursday at the season-opening Washington County Invitational in Hartford.

"I could have played much better because I had 10 feet every hole for birdie and couldn’t make anything and the eagle putts were also from 10 feet so I would two putt for birdie," Lauterbach wrote in a text to Wisconsin.Golf after birdieing each of the four par-5s and parring every other hole on the rain-soaked golf course — heavy rain Thursday caused golfers to have to play lift, clean and place — in her bogey-free round. "I am so happy for my team because we were ranked fifth going into the season and no one knew how the season was going to go. But the last two days definitely gave us confidence for the rest of the season and I hope that we ... continue to play well."

Freshman Lauren Peterson shot 80, junior Ellie Kaiser an 85 and senior Caroline Kroeninger 89 to round out the scoring for Arrowhead, which threw out a 97 from senior Kierra Schmitz. Kroeninger and Kaiser each played 18 holes at the WIAA Division 1 state tournament a year ago, but did not factor into the team scores either day for the two-time defending state champions. 

After shooting a 318 only to lose a fifth-player tie-breaker to Kettle Moraine a day earlier, Friday became a test of patience with the wet conditions.

"Wet conditions don’t bother me because my ball doesn’t get roll to begin with," Lauterbach wrote. "My drives plugged a lot today because I hit a high ball so I maybe lost a few yards. I only shot 68 because I parred every hole besides the par 5s, but I play them as par 4s because I have a 9- or 8-iron every time."

Besides, that's how they played them Monday and Tuesday at the GC of Tennessee during the U.S. Women's Amateur Championship. She shot 72-78 and missed the record cut (145) for the 64 match-play berths by five shots.

The transition back to high school golf, practice for which started Monday throughout the state, was not easy for Lauterbach. But it only took two holes.

"I had a very rough first nine holes at Washington County because of it," wrote Lauterbach, who started with a pair of double-bogeys at Nos. 8 and 9 but rallied to shoot even-par 72, winning by three strokes, and is now 8-under over her last 34 holes with 11 birdies and just three bogeys. "I’m hitting the ball (well) right now so the short par-4s I could drive and par-5s are so much easier because at the US Am, the par-4s were about 400-425 and that’s what (par-5s) are during the high school season."

Besides Koenig's 73, Kettle Moraine counted a pair of 84s from Jenna Anderson and Madeline Fiebig and an 85 from Julia Schilling. They threw out an 87 from Elizabeth Mantey, serving notice that it will be the Lasers' balance vs. Arrowhead's star power (Peterson is one of the state's top incoming freshmen). 

"It definitely makes me want to go low every round," Lauterbach wrote. "To give the team a little boost since we are so close to some other teams like Kettle Moraine."

Team scores

1Arrowhead HS+34F322 
2Kettle Moraine HS+38F326 
3Broofield Central HS+43F331 
4Madison Edgewood HS+51F339 
5Middleton HS+54F342 
6Milton HS+56F344 
7Stoughton HS+66F354 
8Oregon HS+72F360 
9Madison West HS+75F363 
10Verona HS+78F366 
11Green Bay Notre Dame+79F367 
12Franklin HS+90F378 
13Sun Prairie HS+93F381 
14Madison Memorial HS+95F383 
15Menomonee Falls HS+96F384 
16Janesville Parker HS+102F390 
17Edgerton HS+115F403 
18Divine Savior+133F421 
19Waunakee HS+163F451

Individual scores

1Emily Lauterbach  Arrowhead HS-4F68 
2Madeline Koenig  Kettle Moraine HS+1F73 
T3Kate Meier  Middleton HS+2F74 
T3Caylie Kotlowski  Stoughton HS+2F74 
T5Grace Welch  Madison Edgewood HS+4F76 
T5Mallory Swartz  Franklin HS+4F76 
7Myranda Kotlowski  Stoughton HS+5F77 
T8Bonnie Jin  Brookfield Central HS+7F79 
T8Sami Krutz  Brookfield Central HS+7F79 
T8Sophia Dooman  Janesville Parker HS+7F79 
T8Lillian Knetter  Madison West HS+7F79 
12Lauren Peterson  Arrowhead HS+8F80 
T13Sarah Balding  Brookfield Central HS+9F81 
T13Taylor Hakala  Milton HS+9F81 
T13Claudia Seeman  Milton HS+9F81 
16Alyssa Schmidt  Oregon HS+11F83 
T17Anaka Leske  Madison Edgewood HS+12F84 
T17Josie Sullivan  Green Bay Notre Dame+12F84 
T17Jenna Anderson  Kettle Moraine HS+12F84 
T17Madeline Fiebig  Kettle Moraine HS+12F84 
T17Sydney McKee  Oregon HS+12F84 
T17Sydney O'Hearn  Sun Prairie HS+12F84 
T23Julia Schilling  Kettle Moraine HS+13F85 
T23Ellie Kaiser  Arrowhead HS+13F85 
25Glenna Sanderson  Middleton HS+14F86 
T26Elizabeth Mantey  Kettle Moraine HS+15F87 
T26Bella Dory  Men. Falls HS+15F87 
T26Ally Payne  Oregon HS+15F87 
29Grace Jaeger  Madison Edgewood HS+16F88 
T30Caroline Kroeninger  Arrowhead HS+17F89 
T30Caitlyn Ott  Verona HS+17F89 
T32Emily Burgess  Green Bay Notre Dame+18F90 
T32Ellie Frisch  Middleton HS+18F90 
T34Caitlyn Hegenbarth  Madison Edgewood HS+19F91 
T34Grace Weiss  Milton HS+19F91 
T34Reagan Moisson  Milton HS+19F91 
T34Andrea Schleeper  Verona HS+19F91 
T34Bridget McCarthy  Madison Memorial+19F91 
T39Makenzie Hodson  Middleton HS+20F92 
T39C.J. Romero  Brookfield Central HS+20F92 
T39Nicole Thomas  Verona HS+20F92 
T39Ashley Fleming  Madison West HS+20F92 
T39Liz Scott  Green Bay Notre Dame - Indv+20F92 
T44Danielle Callahan  Middleton HS+21F93 
T44Ashlyn Burdick  Janesville Parker HS+21F93 
T44Amanda Meyer  Brookfield Central HS - Indv+21F93 
T47Celia Donny  Verona HS+22F94 
T47Cosette Schefelker  Men. Falls HS+22F94 
T47Anna Cesarz  Divine Savior+22F94 
T47Ana Kielley  Madison Memorial+22F94 
51Tara Janas  Green Bay Notre Dame+23F95 
T52Olivia Oehrlein  Sun Prairie HS+24F96 
T52Margo Bush  Madison West HS+24F96 
T52Ava Downing  Madison West HS+24F96 
T55Bria McDade  Janesville Parker HS+25F97 
T55Kierra Schmitz  Arrowhead HS+25F97 
T55Mali Kruckenberg  Edgerton HS+25F97 
T58Ellese Martin  Green Bay Notre Dame+26F98 
T58Jilli Newman  Madison Memorial+26F98 
T58Mia Jensen  Divine Savior+26F98 
T61Claire Fugate  Franklin HS+27F99 
T61Jenny Marshall  Stoughton HS+27F99 
T61Morgan Jambard  Sun Prairie HS+27F99 
T61Makenzie Suhr  Edgerton HS+27F99 
T65Emily Eitel  The Prairie School+28F100 
T65Natalie Rauwolf  Madison Memorial+28F100 
T67Grace Hoffman  Franklin HS+29F101 
T67Desirae Dorcey  Milton HS+29F101 
T67Alli Albert  Verona HS+29F101 
T67Megan McDonald  Men. Falls HS+29F101 
T71Abby Van Ooyen  Green Bay Notre Dame+30F102 
T71Emma Scholl  Franklin HS+30F102 
T71Zoey Cruz  Sun Prairie HS+30F102 
T71Margaret Scrobel  Men. Falls HS+30F102 
T71Alexis Deavers  Edgerton HS+30F102 
T76Renee Anderson  Stoughton HS+32F104 
T76Ellie Sprecher  Men. Falls HS+32F104 
T78Eva Kumer  Brookfield Central HS+33F105 
T78Maddie Perkins  Edgerton HS+33F105 
T80Victoria Thao  Madison Edgewood HS+34F106 
T80Ashley Nelson  Stoughton HS+34F106 
T80Brooke McCallum  Oregon HS+34F106 
T83Sophie Hoffman  Franklin HS+35F107 
T83Sam McKee  Oregon HS+35F107 
85Natalie Tiltrum  Sun Prairie HS+36F108 
86Anaiah Kenas  Waunakee HS+37F109 
87Emma Piette  Waunakee HS+38F110 
T88Natalie Hoege  Waunakee HS+39F111 
T88Caroline Lodes  Divine Savior+39F111 
90Eleanor Gnam  Madison West HS+41F113 
91Ale Bittner  Edgerton HS+42F114 
T92Elsa Maher  Divine Savior+46F118 
T92McKenzie Fitzgerald  Madison Memorial+46F118 
T94Sophie Mercier  Waunakee HS+49F121 
T94Amelia Clarquist  Janesville Parker HS+49F121 
96Riley Miller  Waunakee HS+50F122 
97Anne Naumann  Divine Savior+52F124 
98Sarah Fosbinder  The Prairie School+54F126 
99Baleigh Pajerski  Janesville Parker HS+58F130 
100Maddie Marachinni  The Prairie School+82F154

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