2018 Wisconsin State Amateur | Harrison Ott

2018 Wisconsin State Amateur | Harrison Ott, champion

PEBBLE BEACH, California — Harrison Ott did his work early Tuesday, so early, in fact, that the Brookfield golfer wasn't certain if it would be enough to earn him another day inside the ropes at the 118th U.S. Amateur Championship.

Ott shot his second straight 73 and walked off the 18th green at Spyglass Hill GC to the uncertainty of where his 1-over-par 146 ranked among the 312 golfers competing in amateur golf's most prestigious championship. By the end of the day, it placed the Vanderbilt golfer 46th in the 36-hole stroke-play qualifying for the match-play portion of the seven-day event, helping Ott avoid a 24-man playoff Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. for the last of 64 berths.

"As I walked off the course, I thought playoff was certain," Ott wrote in an email to Wisconsin.Golf. "And I started hearing from people that I was (in the) playoff, at worst, which is (Wednesday) so I just got a late lunch with my family and didn’t look at scores until like 7:45 p.m. when I saw that I had a nice chance of even avoiding a playoff."

Ott, 19, was hoping for another shot at the famed Pebble Beach GL, where he made six bogeys and four birdies Monday.

The reigning Wisconsin State Amateur champion felt he was a bit sharper Tuesday. He had five bogeys and four birdies, but played his last six holes in 1-under to advance.

"(Tuesday) was a little better physically than (Monday), but on a tougher course so I had to really grind both rounds," Ott wrote. "I really hit a nice wedge into (No.) 14 that I just missed the (birdie) putt on and that sparked a birdie on 15 and a strong finish."

Ott will need to ride the momentum of his finish into the first round of match play where he will face Southern Cal standout Jason Suh.

As a junior for the Trojans, Suh won five times and earned the No. 1 ranking in the Golfweek/Sagarin collegiate poll. A 19th-place finish at the NCAA Division I Stockton regional denied him a trip to the NCAA Championships, motivating him for a summer that has featured a victory at the Northeast Amateur, an 11th-place finish at the Sunnehanna Amateur and a 25th-place showing at the Pacific Coast Amateur. He also played on the victorious U.S. squad at the Arnold Palmer Cup matches featuring the world's top collegians and earned an exemption into the 2019 Arnold Palmer Invitational on the PGA Tour.

"I need to drive it like I did (Tuesday) at Pebble (Beach) in match play," Ott wrote. "Not really any strategy difference, but just making sure I have a belief that I’m going to win."

Fond du Lac's Joe Du Chateau, a former UW-Green Bay golfer, shot 74 at Pebble Beach and came the closest to joining Ott in match play. He finished at 3-over 149, finishing two shots out of the playoff.

Current University of Wisconsin golfer Brett Robinson struggled to a 77 for a 150 total while two-time defending Ray Fischer State Aamateur champion Jack Schullts shot 78 and finished at 156, former Badgers golfer Kevin Tassistro shot 78 and finished at 158 and Greendale's Nate Thomson, a Belmont University golfer, shot 82 and finished at 168.

 T46 Harrison Ott+3F-SH+17373146
 MC Joe Du Chateau+6F*-PB+37574149
 MC Brett Robinson+7F*-PB+67377150
 MC Jack Schultz+13F-SH+67878156
 MC Kevin Tassistro+15F*-PB+78078158
 MC Nate Thomson+25F*-SH+108682168
 T1 Daniel Hillier-6F*-SH-26770137
 T1 Cole Hammer-6F-SH-46968137
 3 Andrew Alligood-5F-SH-57167138
 T4 Michael Thorbjornsen-4F-SH-37069139
 T4 William Gordon-4F-SH-26970139
 6 Justin Suh-3F*-PB-27169140
 T7 Ian Siebers-2F*-SH-47368141
 T7 Noah Goodwin-2F*-PB-27269141
 T7 Shintaro Ban-2F*-PB-17170141
 T10 John Augenstein-1F*-SH-27270142
 T10 Akshay Bhatia-1F-SHE7072142
 T10 Alex Scott-1F-SHE7072142
 T10 Stewart Hagestad-1F*-PB-57666142
 T10 Austin Squires-1F-PB+17072142
 T10 Jack Rhea-1F*-PB-27369142
 T10 Cameron Sisk-1F*-PB+17072142
 T10 Dylan Perry-1F*-PB-37468142
 T10 Logan Lowe-1F-PB-47567142
 T19 Tyler StrafaciEF*-PB+17172143
 T19 Ryan SmithEF-PB+27073143
 T19 Trent PhillipsEF-PBE7271143
 T19 Kristoffer ReitanEF-PB+17172143
 T19 Brad DalkeEF-PB-17370143
 T24 Caleb Ramirez+1F*-SHE7272144
 T24 Raul Pereda+1F*-SH+27074144
 T24 Jesus Montenegro+1F*-SH+27074144
 T24 Viktor Hovland+1F*-SH+17173144
 T24 Zheng Kai Bai+1F-SH+27074144
 T24 Isaiah Salinda+1F-SH+46876144
 T24 Blake Windred+1F-SH-27470144
 T24 Dan Erickson+1F*-PBE7371144
 T24 Davis Riley+1F-PB-17470144
 T24 Ryan Burnett+1F-PB+27173144
 T24 Joshua McCarthy+1F-PBE7371144
 T24 Chun An Yu+1F-PB+37074144
 T36 Will Grimmer+2F*-SHE7372145
 T36 Travis Vick+2F-SH-27570145
 T36 Hayden Wood+2F*-SH+27174145
 T36 Braden Thornberry+2F*-SH+27174145
 T36 Trey Winstead+2F-SH+27174145
 T36 Devon Bling+2F-SH-27570145
 T36 McClure Meissner+2F-SHE7372145
 T36 Eoin Leonard+2F*-PBE7471145
 T36 Riley Elmes+2F-PBE7471145
 T36 Davis Chatfield+2F-PB+37174145
 T46 Luis Gagne+3F*-SHE7472146
 T46 Clay Feagler+3F-SH+37175146
 T46 Jackson Van Paris+3F-SH+27274146
 T46 Mason Overstreet+3F-SHE7472146
 T46 Zach Murray+3F-SH+47076146
 T46 Max Theodorakis+3F-SH+27274146
 T46 Harry Hall+3F-SH+27274146
 T46 William Mouw+3F*-SHE7472146
 T46 Bradford Tilley+3F*-SH+17373146
 T46 Collin Morikawa+3F*-SH+27274146
 T46 Skip Berkmeyer+3F*-SH-37769146
 T46 Garrett Rank+3F-SH+27274146
 T46 Alex Fitzpatrick+3F-SH+27274146
 T46 Harrison Ott+3F-SH+17373146
 T46 Hide Yoshihara+3F*-PBE7571146
 T46 Trevor Phillips+3F*-PB+76878146
 T46 Ryan Stachler+3F*-PBE7571146
 T46 Alvaro Ortiz+3F*-PB+17472146
 T64 Chase Johnson+4F*-SHE7572147
 T64 Hayden Buckley+4F*-SH+37275147
 T64 Drew Kittleson+4F-SH+47176147
 T64 Fred Lacroix+4F*-SH+27374147
 T64 Patrick Martin+4F*-SH+47176147
 T64 James Imai+4F*-SH+27374147
 T64 Ben Sigel+4F*-SH+47176147
 T64 Michael Feagles+4F*-SH-37869147
 T64 Ben Greve+4F*-SH+27374147
 T64 Patrick Murphy+4F*-SH-17671147
 T64 Jacob Bergeron+4F-SH+27374147
 T64 Donnie Trosper+4F-SHE7572147
 T64 Austin Liu+4F*-PB+37374147
 T64 Rhett Rasmussen+4F*-PB+37374147
 T64 Peter Kuest+4F*-PB+27473147
 T64 Jacob Solomon+4F-PB+67077147
 T64 Luis Fernando Barco+4F-PB+37374147
 T64 Zach Bauchou+4F-PB+57176147
 T64 Joey Vrzich+4F*-PB-17770147
 T64 Joey Savoie+4F*-PB+47275147
 T64 Max Sear+4F*-PB-37968147
 T64 Taylor Wood+4F*-PB+17572147
 T64 Garett Reband+4F-PB+17572147
 T64 Andy Spencer+4F-PB+37374147
 MC J.R. Warthen+5F*-SH+17573148
 MC Hugo Bernard+5F*-SH+47276148
 MC Eric Ansett+5F*-SH+37375148
 MC Alex Vogelsong+5F*-SH+47276148
 MC Kaleb Johnson+5F*-SH+37375148
 MC Austin Eckroat+5F*-SH+17573148
 MC Scott Harvey+5F-SH+37375148
 MC Timmy Hildebrand+5F-SH+27474148
 MC Min Woo Lee+5F-SH+47276148
 MC Derek Bayley+5F-SH+47276148
 MC Brandon Mancheno+5F*-SH+47276148
 MC William Holcomb V+5F-SH-17771148
 MC Jacob Koppenberg+5F-SHE7672148
 MC Zach Smith+5F*-PB+27573148
 MC Matthew Jordan+5F*-PBE7771148
 MC Alex Schaake+5F*-PB+27573148
 MC Brandon Wu+5F*-PB+17672148
 MC Jovan Rebula+5F-PB+17672148
 MC Nick Costello+5F-PB+47375148
 MC Todd Clements+5F*-PB-17870148
 MC Chase Carlson+5F-PB+37474148
 MC Mitchell Meissner+6F-SH+27574149
 MC Andy Ogletree+6F-SH+57277149
 MC Chris Crisologo+6F-SH-17871149
 MC Won Jun Lee+6F*-SHE7772149
 MC Sam O'Dell+6F*-SH+37475149
 MC Avery Schneider+6F-SH+17673149
 MC Eugenio Lopez-Chacarra+6F-SH+47376149
 MC Kevin O'Connell+6F-SH+27574149
 MC Shawn Lu+6F-SH+27574149
 MC Joe Du Chateau+6F*-PB+37574149
 MC Michael Brennan+6F*-PB+87079149
 MC Matthew Paradis+6F*-PB+57376149
 MC Noah Norton+6F*-PB+37574149
 MC Jeff Wilson+6F*-PB+37574149
 MC Chandler Phillips+6F*-PB+57376149
 MC Kaiwen Liu+6F*-PB+37574149
 MC Benjamin Shipp+6F*-PB+57376149
 MC Jeff Wood+6F-PBE7871149
 MC Triston Fisher+6F-PB+57376149
 MC Charles Waddell+7F*-SH+37575150
 MC Brian Clark+7F*-SH+27674150
 MC Davis Shore+7F*-SH+47476150
 MC Josh Whalen+7F*-SH+27674150
 MC Shrish Dwivedi+7F*-SH+47476150
 MC Shae Wools-Cobb+7F*-SH+57377150
 MC Zack Gordon+7F-SH+87080150
 MC Nathan Barbieri+7F-SH+17773150
 MC David Micheluzzi+7F-SH+27674150
 MC Patrick McCarthy+7F*-SH+57377150
 MC Danny Paniccia+7F*-SH+17773150
 MC Etienne Brault+7F-SH+47476150
 MC Robin Dawson+7F*-PB+37674150
 MC Garrett Barber+7F*-PB+37674150
 MC Stephen Behr+7F-PB+17872150
 MC Brandon Dalinka+7F-PB+77278150
 MC Sam Goldenring+7F-PB+57476150
 MC Brett Robinson+7F*-PB+67377150
 MC Noah Woolsey+7F-PB+17872150
 MC Gian-Marco Petrozzi+7F-PB+17872150
 MC James Kneen+7F-PB+17872150
 MC Hurly Long+8F*-SH+67378151
 MC Chandler Eaton+8F*-SH+37675151
 MC Ryggs Johnston+8F*-SH+87180151
 MC Jake Williams+8F-SH+37675151
 MC Cameron Meeks+8F-SH+77279151
 MC S.M. Lee+8F*-SH+37675151
 MC Preston Summerhays+8F*-SH+37675151
 MC Zach Arsenault+8F-SHE7972151
 MC Parker Reddig+8F-PB+57576151
 MC Spencer Ralston+8F-PB+57576151
 MC Brandon Einstein+8F-PB+27873151
 MC Matthew Cocorikis+8F*-PB+47675151
 MC Dylan Menante+8F*-PB+67477151
 MC Angel Hidalgo+8F-PB+37774151
 MC Mark Lawrence Jr.+8F-PB+57576151
 MC Matt Liston+8F-PBE8071151
 MC Corby Segal+9F*-SH+67478152
 MC Jake Beber-Frankel+9F-SH+37775152
 MC Andrew Orischak+9F-SH+47676152
 MC Colby Dean+9F-SH+57577152
 MC Nick Lyerly+9F*-SH+97181152
 MC Matthew Cowgill+9F-SH+47676152
 MC Matthew Bassler+9F-SH+77379152
 MC Ryan Marter+9F*-PB+57676152
 MC John Pak+9F*-PB+67577152
 MC Austin Sipe+9F*-PB+77478152
 MC Palmer Jackson+9F*-PB+47775152
 MC Matthew Lowe+9F-PB+37874152
 MC Gordon Neale+9F-PB+67577152
 MC Patrick Cover+9F*-PB+47775152
 MC Darin Goldstein+9F*-PB+27973152
 MC Scott Purvis+9F-PB+77478152
 MC Quade Cummins+9F-PB+67577152
 MC Cullen Plousha+10F*-SH+37875153
 MC Patrick Frodigh+10F*-SH+47776153
 MC Rosswell Sinclair+10F*-SH+18073153
 MC Gaven Lane+10F-SH+67578153
 MC Toks Pedro+10F-SH+77479153
 MC Khavish Varadan+10F-SH+67578153
 MC Jacob Huizinga+10F*-PB+87479153
 MC Erik Dulik+10F-PB+57776153
 MC Cougar Collins+10F-PB+57776153
 MC Trace Crowe+10F-PB+77578153
 MC Tyler Ota+10F-PB+57776153
 MC Parker Holekamp+10F*-PB+67677153
 MC Bryan Baumgarten+10F-PB+18172153
 MC Chandler Morgan+10F-PB+67677153
 MC Jorge Garcia+10F-PB+57776153
 MC Varun Chopra+11F*-SH+47876154
 MC Will Holmgren+11F-SH+87480154
 MC Oliver Gillberg+11F-SH+87480154
 MC Sy Lovan+11F-SH+67678154
 MC Brian Blanchard+11F*-SH+67678154
 MC Alex Smalley+11F-SH+97381154
 MC Brian Ohr+11F-PB+47975154
 MC Mason Andersen+11F-PB+57876154
 MC Kevin Scherr+11F-PB+57876154
 MC Jake Carter+11F*-PB+67777154
 MC Austin Hardman+11F*-PB+57876154
 MC Franklin Huang+11F-PB+28173154
 MC Yongjun Bae+11F-PB+57876154
 MC Chris Nido+12F*-SH+77679155
 MC AJ Ott+12F*-SH+47976155
 MC Mason Williams+12F*-SH+57877155
 MC Tanner Owens+12F-SH+87580155
 MC Steven Chervony+12F*-SH+67778155
 MC Derek Ackerman+12F-SH+77679155
 MC Alex Jamieson+12F-SH+67778155
 MC Grant Sutliff+12F*-PB+28273155
 MC Spencer Dunaway+12F*-PB+38174155
 MC Jeremy Grab+12F*-PB+87679155
 MC Jonah Leach+12F-PB+77778155
 MC Isaiah Jackson+12F-PB+48075155
 MC Gary Nicklaus+12F*-PB+67877155
 MC Dave Ryan+12F*-PB+87679155
 MC Daniel Wetterich+12F*-PB+67877155
 MC Nicholas Tenuta+12F*-PB+18372155
 MC Michael McCoy+12F-PB+67877155
 MC Donald Kay+12F-PBE8471155
 MC Dennis Bull+12F-PB+77778155
 MC Jack Melville+13F*-SH+77779156
 MC Matt Parziale+13F*-SH+67878156
 MC Nick Bienz+13F*-SH+38175156
 MC Jack Schultz+13F-SH+67878156
 MC Logan Lockwood+13F-SH+77779156
 MC Ryan McCarthy+13F-SH+38175156
 MC Nicholas Dentino+13F*-SH+38175156
 MC Carter Toms+13F*-SH+48076156
 MC Timothy Wiseman+13F-SH+48076156
 MC Drew Pershing+13F*-PB+58076156
 MC James Song+13F*-PB+67977156
 MC Nick Carlson+13F-PB+48175156
 MC Devin Hernandez+13F-PB+77878156
 MC Spencer Ball+13F*-PB+97680156
 MC Steven DiLisio+13F*-PB+67977156
 MC Andrew Bailey+13F*-PB+97680156
 MC Nolan Ray+13F-PB+87779156
 MC Josef Dransfeld+13F-PB+77878156
 MC Christopher Tuulik+14F-SH+117483157
 MC Damon Krause+14F*-SH+97681157
 MC Daniel Anfield+14F-SH+58077157
 MC Tyler Isenhart+14F*-PB+87879157
 MC Kory Franks+14F-PB+77978157
 MC Alex Shead+14F*-PB+77978157
 MC Alexander Yang+14F*-PB+68077157
 MC Davis Lee+14F-PB+97780157
 MC Cole Harris+14F-PB+87879157
 MC Sahith Theegala+14F-PB+77978157
 MC Christian Cavaliere+15F*-SH+137385158
 MC Jack Tolson+15F-SH+77979158
 MC Sean Knapp+15F-SH+107682158
 MC Greg Yellin+15F*-SH+68078158
 MC Connor Messick+15F-SH+68078158
 MC Kyler Dunkle+15F*-PB+97880158
 MC Brett Young+15F*-PB+68177158
 MC Patrick Welch+15F-PB+97880158
 MC Sam Batta+15F-PB+107781158
 MC Kevin Tassistro+15F*-PB+78078158
 MC Brandon Weaver+15F-PB+97880158
 MC Chris Hatch+16F*-SH+107782159
 MC Matthew Griggs+16F-SH+137485159
 MC Chris Baingo+16F*-SH+117683159
 MC Matthew Smith+16F-PB+88079159
 MC Paul Simson+17F*-SH+107882160
 MC Hayes Dupree+17F-SH+78179160
 MC Arthur Griffin+17F*-SH+127684160
 MC Preston Ball+17F-SH+78179160
 MC Matthew Wetherill+17F-SH+68278160
 MC Joe Highsmith+17F-SH+107882160
 MC Ryan Nietfeldt+17F*-PB+88179160
 MC Josh McCollum+17F-PB+68377160
 MC Erick Morales+18F*-SH+157487161
 MC Tyler Vincent+18F*-SH+78279161
 MC Frank Lindwall+18F-SH+88180161
 MC Brady Dixon+18F*-PB+88279161
 MC Ben Reichert+18F*-PB+98180161
 MC Coby Welch+18F*-PB+88279161
 MC Jake McGlone+18F-PB+78378161
 MC Beau Briggs+18F-PB+117982161
 MC Joe Alfieri+19F-SH+78379162
 MC Benjamin Johnson+19F-PB+157686162
 MC Anthony Quezada+19F-PB+118082162
 MC Ryan Spurlock+20F*-SH+98281163
 MC Mark Turner+20F*-SH+68578163
 MC Josh Nichols+20F-SH+108182163
 MC Thomas Lehman+20F*-SH+98281163
 MC Will Kannegieser+20F*-SH+137885163
 MC Cody Cox+20F*-PB+88479163
 MC Mario Carmona+21F-SH+147886164
 MC Luke Armbrust+21F*-PB+98480164
 MC Jack Wyman+21F*-PB+118282164
 MC Gray Barnes+22F*-SH+108382165
 MC Patrick Gareiss+22F*-SH+138085165
 MC John Wright+22F*-PB+108481165
 MC Ethan Brue+22F-PB+118382165
 MC Ashwin Arasu+23F*-PB+158086166
 MC Tyler Reisenauer+24F*-PB+158186167
 MC Eric Berggren+24F-PB+98780167
 MC Nate Thomson+25F*-SH+108682168
 MC Hunter Atkins+27F-PB+128783170
 MC Jack Casler+30F-PB+208291173