Gabby Curtis

Wisconsin women's golf team in action at East and West Match Play Challenge at the University of Michigan's Radrick Farms Golf Club, Tuesday, September 20, 2016.

WOODBURY, Minnesota — Until Gabby Curtis brought her glowing scorecard into the clubhouse Tuesday Prestwick GC and raised the bar on season-opening excellence with a 4-under-par 68, the University of Wisconsin women's golf team had manufactured one of the most tightly packed collection of scores in program history.

Of the 14 scores that the Badgers had posted at the Minnesota Invitational, none was lower than 71 but none was higher than 74 among their five scoring golfers. That remarkable consistency in and around par was perhaps the biggest reason UW was able to walk away with a fifth-place showing and the lowest score in program history.

Curtis' 68, a pair of 71s from senior Becky Klongland and junior Jessica Reinecke and a 72 from senior transfer Lexi Harkins figured into UW's closing 282, which matched the second-lowest score in school history -- one shot off the mark set at the 2013 Lady Paladin Invitational. The Badgers' 36-hole total of 9-under 855 topped by four shots the school record set at the 2014 Westbrook Spring Invitational and was only 17 strokes behind tournament champion Southern Cal, the fourth-ranked team in the nation according to

"The consistency was great to see," Oehrlein wrote in a text message to Wisconsin.Golf after throwing out a 74 from No. 1 golfer Aya Johnson . "I'm not sure when we last had all five scores that close for the entire tournament.  It was great to have everyone in play all weekend. They did a great job minimizing any mistakes."

Indeed, their finishes reflected it.

Curtis (71-72-68) finished tied for 10th at 5-under 211. Klongland (72-72-71) and Harkins (72-71-72) tied for 19th at 1-under 215. Johnson (72-71-74) tied for 26th at 1-over 217 and Reinecke (73-74-71) finished tied for 31st at 2-over 218.

Even redshirt freshman Bobbi Stricker, a walk-on from Waunakee making her collegiate debut, showed signs of being ready to contribute if issues arise in the top five. She shot 77-77-75 and tied for 75th.

“They really played well after the start," Oehrlein wrote. "I think we were (6-over) at one point with our counters and then finished at (6-under) 282. Pretty solid stretch. They showed a lot of composure and maturity."

Team/Player Leaderboard
Prestwick Golf Club - Minnesota Invitational Par: 72 Yardage: 6248
Woodbury, MN US
Sep 11-12, 2017
Congratulations to team champion Southern California and individual co-medalists Muni He (USC) and Inez Wanamarta (Purdue)!
Pos.Team/Player (seed)Rd 1Rd 2Rd 3Total
1Southern California282276280838
T1Muni He (1)706769206
T3Robynn Ree (5)716869208
T14Alyaa Abdulghany (2)726971212
T17Allisen Corpuz (4)717271214
T46Divya Manthena (3)707676222
2Michigan State279278290847
T5Paz Marfa (2)647174209
T7Sarah Burnham (1)746670210
T14Katie Sharp (4)697073212
T31Logan Otter (5)727175218
T66Yurika Tanida (3)767873227
T1Inez Wanamarta (2)706967206
T7Melati Putri (3)687171210
T31Covadonga Sanjuan (1)717473218
T46Micaela Farah (4)757275222
T50Marta Martin Garcia (5)747376223
T3Notre Dame284289281854
T7Emma Albrecht (1)687270210
T10Isabella DiLisio (5)697567211
T31Maddie Rose Hamilton (3)757271218
T36Abby Heck (2)727275219
T66Allison Snakard (4)817373227
T10Gabby Curtis (5)717268211
T19Becky Klongland (3)727271215
T19Lexi Harkins (4)727172215
T26Aya Johnson (1)727174217
T31Jessica Reinecke (2)737471218
T5Lauren Hartlage (2)686972209
T10Molly Skapik (1)687271211
T24Olivia Cason (3)727470216
T46Kristin Engle (4)697578222
T55Jacqueline Twitty (5)717380224
7Virginia Tech285287284856
T3Elizabeth Bose (2)667072208
T14Emily Mahar (4)717269212
T39Jessica Spicer (5)747373220
T50Amanda Hollandsworth (1)817270223
T61Anne Taylor Hough (3)747874226
8East Carolina285285290860
T10Kathryn Carson (3)706972211
T19Carley Cox (2)737072215
T26Dorthea Forbrigd (1)747172217
T26Lisa Pettersson (5)687574217
T70Grace Yatawara (4)787675229
T17Muyu Wu (1)726973214
T39Sabrine Garrison (2)757174220
T39Kate Lillie (4)737176220
T46Grace Kellar (3)717378222
T55Joanne Free (5)747674224
10Kansas State295292285872
T19Reid Isaac (1)736973215
T26Connie Jaffrey (4)747073217
T39Chloe Weir (5)747769220
T50Niamh McSherry (2)747970223
T61Ella Adams (3)757675226
11Brigham Young293289294876
T26Kendra Dalton (1)737272217
T31Anna Kennedy (4)766973218
T50Annie Yang (3)747673223
T55Rose Huang (2)707678224
T59Naomi Soifua (5)777276225
12Georgia, U. of297292293882
T24Elisa Yang (5)737271216
T36Paula Neira Garcia (1)747273219
T61Gaby Coello (3)747379226
T66Stephanie Carras (4)767972227
T70Isabella Skinner (2)777577229
13North Texas303285305893
T50Sol Lee (2)757177223
T55Nyca Khaw (5)777374224
T59Lauren Cox (4)767277225
T66Sabina Pena (3)757577227
T70Elena Kim (1)776983229
14Kansas, Univ. of298298298894
T39Lizzie Winyarat (4)767470220
T44Yitsen Chou (5)757571221
T61Sera Tadokoro (3)727678226
T70Ariadna Fonseca (1)777379229
T75Kallie Gonzales (2)757680231
Pos.Player (Team)Rd 1Rd 2Rd 3Total
T19<!a href="javascript://" onclick="getScorecard(14267,3,344318,'05643A')">Allyson Geer (Michigan State)<!/a>687572215
T36<!a href="javascript://" onclick="getScorecard(14267,3,334252,'05643A')">Aiko Leong (Brigham Young)<!/a>727374219
T44<!a href="javascript://" onclick="getScorecard(14267,3,344907,'05643A')">Chomchana Phuchanbanchob (Kansas, Univ. of )<!/a>727673221
T61<!a href="javascript://" onclick="getScorecard(14267,3,335893,'05643A')">Christine Portillo (Minnesota)<!/a>797374226
T70<!a href="javascript://" onclick="getScorecard(14267,3,350223,'05643A')">Jessica Lee (Minnesota)<!/a>777775229
T75<!a href="javascript://" onclick="getScorecard(14267,3,335750,'05643A')">Bobbi Stricker (Wisconsin)<!/a>787875231
T75<!a href="javascript://" onclick="getScorecard(14267,3,322029,'05643A')">Meghan Nay (Louisville)<!/a>777975231
78<!a href="javascript://" onclick="getScorecard(14267,3,322356,'05643A')">Maggie Heggerston (Minnesota)<!/a>807577232