LAS VEGAS -- Thiensville's Marty Kimmel shot 76 and Fort Atkinson's Mitch Strom and Hartland's Bennett Knapek each shot 6-over-par 78s on the Snow Mountain Course at Paiute Golf Resort as the University of Wisconsin club golf team shot 395 and opened the National College Club Golf Association fall championship in 22nd place.

The Badgers also counted an 81 from CJ Fritcher and an 82 from Juan Antonio Torres. They were 39 shots behind first-round leader Arizona State, which shot 356 and takes an 11-shot lead on Florida into Sunday's final round.

UW threw out a pair of 83s from Stephen Bosak and Logan Walzer as well as a 97 from Max Murphy. Each team played eight and counted its top five scores.

Kimmel was tied for 61st place, nine shots behind Michael Hodgins of Florida. Brian Seo and Ben Harden of Arizona State, the only other golfers to break 70, were tied for second with 69s.  

Matt Wells of UW-Whitewater was tied for 121st with an 80. Bennett Underwood of UW-Stout was tied for 186th in the field of 224 with an 86. 

1Arizona State University (A)356 (Sn) -4356
2University of Florida (A)367 (Sn) +7367
T3University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (A)369 (Wo) +9369
T3Virginia Tech369 (Sn) +9369
5University of Alabama (A)370 (Wo) +10370
T6Grand Canyon University (A)371 (Sn) +11371
T6Florida State University (A)371 (Sn) +11371
8University of Georgia372 (Sn) +12372
9University of Oregon (A)373 (Sn) +13373
T10The University of Texas at Austin (A)376 (Sn) +16376
T10Baylor University (A)376 (Sn) +16376
T12Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo (A)380 (Sn) +20380
T12Golf Academy of America - Dallas380 (Sn) +20380
14University of Virginia382 (Sn) +22382
15Villanova University (A)386 (Sn) +26386
T16University of Michigan (A)388 (Wo) +28388
T16Grand Canyon University (B)388 (Wo) +28388
T18University of Delaware (A)394 (Wo) +34394
T18Indiana University-Bloomington (A)394 (Wo) +34394
T18University of Missouri-Columbia (A)394 (Wo) +34394
T18Auburn University394 (Wo) +34394
T22University of Wisconsin-Madison (A)395 (Sn) +35395
T22Providence College (A)395 (Wo) +35395
24University of Arkansas (A)397 (Wo) +37397
25Ohio State University (A)399 (Wo) +39399
26Boston College (A)413 (Wo) +53413
27University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (A)419 (Wo) +59419
1Michael HodginsUniversity of Florida (A)67 (Sn) -567
T2Brian SeoArizona State University (A)69 (Sn) -369
T2Ben HardenArizona State University (A)69 (Sn) -369
T4Jordan YamamotoGrand Canyon University (A)70 (Sn) -270
T4Cam KnutsenSrixon greyUniversity of Minnesota-Twin Cities (A)70 (Wo) -270
T4Luke JohansonGrand Canyon University (A)70 (Sn) -270
T4Alex MerrimanFlorida State University (A)70 (Sn) -270
T4Curtis BradyUniversity of Alabama (A)70 (Wo) -270
T4Payte OwenUniversity of Oklahoma70 (Wo) -270
T10Logan MccauleySrixon greyArizona State University (A)71 (Sn) -171
T10Parker WallaceSrixon greyVirginia Tech71 (Sn) -171
T10Jacob KuchtaUniversity of Virginia71 (Sn) -171
T10Mitch RostowskySrixon greyUniversity of Georgia71 (Sn) -171
T14Brandon BoneSrixon greyCal Poly-San Luis Obispo (A)72 (Sn) E72
T14Nate NoblittCal Poly-San Luis Obispo (A)72 (Sn) E72
T14Tianlin ZhangUniversity of Delaware (A)72 (Wo) E72
T14Nick ScottSrixon greyUniversity of Georgia72 (Sn) E72
T14Teig HauerSrixon greyArizona State University (A)72 (Sn) E72
T14Bobby FrazziniUniversity of Minnesota-Twin Cities (A)72 (Wo) E72
T14Lucas GarzaThe University of Texas at Austin (A)72 (Sn) E72
T14Eli FinkelsteinSrixon greyUniversity of Minnesota-Twin Cities (A)72 (Wo) E72
T22John michael KlopfensteinSrixon greyUniversity of Georgia73 (Sn) +173
T22Mark CapecciUniversity of Alabama (A)73 (Wo) +173
T22Lee BrooksUniversity of Alabama (A)73 (Wo) +173
T22Eli GaryVirginia Tech73 (Sn) +173
T22Michael ConfortiFlorida State University (A)73 (Sn) +173
T22Jackson BurklandUniversity of Oregon (A)73 (Sn) +173
T28Eli NewmanVirginia Tech74 (Sn) +274
T28Tyler SegalSrixon greyUniversity of Florida (A)74 (Sn) +274
T28Tyler StahleVillanova University (A)74 (Sn) +274
T28Logan CorbinSrixon greyUniversity of Arkansas (A)74 (Wo) +274
T28Salvador ChavarriaThe University of Texas at Austin (A)74 (Sn) +274
T28Austin JenkinsOhio State University (A)74 (Wo) +274
T28Chris FlahertyFlorida State University (A)74 (Sn) +274
T28Daniel RobinsonUCF (A)74 (Wo) +274
T28Luke StullSrixon greyUniversity of Michigan (A)74 (Wo) +274
T28Sebastian FuenzalidaSrixon greyGrand Canyon University (B)74 (Wo) +274
T28C.j. SittonSrixon greyUniversity of Oregon (A)74 (Sn) +274
T39Brandon MeyerUniversity of Florida (A)75 (Sn) +375
T39Joey FunderburgUniversity of North Carolina at Wilmington (A)75 (Wo) +375
T39Grant McgintyBaylor University (A)75 (Sn) +375
T39Patrick BlonienBaylor University (A)75 (Sn) +375
T39Liam BhaktaSrixon greyUniversity of Oregon (A)75 (Sn) +375
T39Teddy RettingerSrixon greyBaylor University (A)75 (Sn) +375
T39Taylor JohnsonGolf Academy of America - Dallas75 (Sn) +375
T39Noah FriedmanGolf Academy of America - Dallas75 (Sn) +375
T39Noah BeattyUniversity of Alabama (A)75 (Wo) +375
T39Michael HulleStetson University (A)75 (Wo) +375
T39Jack HiemenzSrixon greyArizona State University (A)75 (Sn) +375
T39Jean paul ClevelandUniversity of Florida (A)75 (Sn) +375
T39Cody ChristianGolf Academy of America - Dallas75 (Sn) +375
T39Lawson KlotzBaylor University (A)75 (Sn) +375
T39Christopher WhiteUniversity of Virginia75 (Sn) +375
T39Joey JordanVirginia Tech75 (Sn) +375
T39Zachary CapelGrand Canyon University (A)75 (Sn) +375
T39Dylan BrowningSrixon greyUniversity of Oregon (A)75 (Sn) +375
T39Preston GenettSrixon greyVillanova University (A)75 (Sn) +375
T39Austin RhodesSrixon greyUniversity of Arkansas (A)75 (Wo) +375
T39Matt SimmonsOhio State University (A)75 (Wo) +375
T39Spencer GilligIndiana University-Bloomington (A)75 (Wo) +375
T61Andrew ManesCal Poly-San Luis Obispo (A)76 (Sn) +476
T61Ryan UlmerUniversity of Florida (A)76 (Sn) +476
T61Brooks BeutlerSrixon greyUniversity of Minnesota-Twin Cities (A)76 (Wo) +476
T61James HoustonSrixon greyUniversity of Oregon (A)76 (Sn) +476
T61Bruce PoppBaylor University (A)76 (Sn) +476
T61Austin TomkoSrixon greyAuburn University76 (Wo) +476
T61John AlbenziUniversity of Delaware (A)76 (Wo) +476
T61Alex BassettoProvidence College (A)76 (Wo) +476
T61Travis BrunerFlorida State University (A)76 (Sn) +476
T61Travis OlaThe University of Texas at Austin (A)76 (Sn) +476
T61Nick SobbaUniversity of Missouri-Columbia (A)76 (Wo) +476
T61Marty KimmelUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison (A)76 (Sn) +476
T61Adam SnyderVirginia Tech76 (Sn) +476
T74Rhodes KarrikerAuburn University77 (Wo) +577
T74Grant ThorpeThe University of Tennessee - Knoxville77 (Wo) +577
T74Kyle HeenanThe University of Texas at Austin (A)77 (Sn) +577
T74Bryan CarterUniversity of Virginia77 (Sn) +577
T74Brian LinBoston College (A)77 (Wo) +577
T74Campbell RossThe University of Texas at Austin (A)77 (Sn) +577
T74Cole AndersonGrand Canyon University (B)77 (Wo) +577
T74Benjamin WinterThe University of Texas at Austin (A)77 (Sn) +577
T74Dillon EatonUniversity of Missouri-Columbia (A)77 (Wo) +577
T74Taylor RatliffUniversity of Virginia77 (Sn) +577
T74Stephan BalzSrixon greyUniversity of Georgia77 (Sn) +577
T74Jake MobbsGolf Academy of America - Dallas77 (Sn) +577
T74Andrew TomkoSrixon greyAuburn University77 (Wo) +577
T74Elliot MarshallIndiana University-Bloomington (A)77 (Wo) +577
T74Tom MilroySrixon greyArizona State University (A)77 (Sn) +577
T74Kenneth HorohoSrixon greyVirginia Tech77 (Sn) +577
T74William TeichmanThe University of Texas at Austin (A)77 (Sn) +577
T74William Mcmahon ivGrand Canyon University (B)77 (Wo) +577
T92Mitch StromUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison (A)78 (Sn) +678
T92Joseph D'andreaSrixon greyUniversity of Florida (A)78 (Sn) +678
T92Bennett LangtonUniversity of Michigan (A)78 (Wo) +678
T92Alexander FinsterwaldUniversity of Michigan (A)78 (Wo) +678
T92Bennett KnapekUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison (A)78 (Sn) +678
T92Flint BekkersSrixon greyFlorida State University (A)78 (Sn) +678
T92Zach StarkIndiana University-Bloomington (A)78 (Wo) +678
T92Atlas AsaroUniversity of Oregon (A)78 (Sn) +678
T92Joey RussoGrand Canyon University (A)78 (Sn) +678
T92Phil LodzinskiSrixon greyUniversity of Michigan (A)78 (Wo) +678
T92Brett BradshawGolf Academy of America - Dallas78 (Sn) +678
T92Greg WelshVillanova University (A)78 (Sn) +678
T92Ethan BrinkmanIndiana University-Bloomington (A)78 (Wo) +678
T92Ryan TeedGrand Canyon University (A)78 (Sn) +678
T92Ian AxfordSrixon greyProvidence College (A)78 (Wo) +678
T92Connor O'shaughnessyFlorida State University (A)78 (Sn) +678
T108Corey SullivanSrixon greyUniversity of Georgia79 (Sn) +779
T108Randy GibsonSrixon greyVirginia Tech79 (Sn) +779
T108Joe KnightSrixon greyGrand Canyon University (A)79 (Sn) +779
T108Brandon OotUniversity of Georgia79 (Sn) +779
T108Jacob GoldmanFlorida State University (A)79 (Sn) +779
T108Matthew CarlsonProvidence College (A)79 (Wo) +779
T108Jon SandlinUniversity of Alabama (A)79 (Wo) +779
T108Tyler WhiteUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (A)79 (Wo) +779
T108Daniel ChiUniversity of Minnesota-Twin Cities (A)79 (Wo) +779
T108Braden CoatesSrixon greyCal Poly-San Luis Obispo (A)79 (Sn) +779
T108David MccaskillUniversity of Florida (A)79 (Sn) +779
T108Tyler OlmstedVillanova University (A)79 (Sn) +779
T108Brett BushnellSrixon greyUniversity of Oregon (A)79 (Sn) +779
T121Logan HardySrixon greyGrand Canyon University (B)80 (Wo) +880
T121Jonathan PaulsonFlorida State University (A)80 (Sn) +880
T121Ryan KelleySrixon greyUniversity of Oregon (A)80 (Sn) +880
T121Thomas GoodmanUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (A)80 (Wo) +880
T121Eric PiroVillanova University (A)80 (Sn) +880
T121Alec CostelloArizona State University (A)80 (Sn) +880
T121Jordan DavisUniversity of Georgia80 (Sn) +880
T121Myong kon KimSrixon greyGrand Canyon University (B)80 (Wo) +880
T121Matt WellsUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (A)80 (Wo) +880
T121Pearson HallSrixon greyAuburn University80 (Wo) +880
T121Ian MartinUniversity of Michigan (A)80 (Wo) +880
T121Bret CigelnikUniversity of Missouri-Columbia (A)80 (Wo) +880
T121Ryan MartinUniversity of Missouri-Columbia (A)80 (Wo) +880
T134Tyler KellyUniversity of Missouri-Columbia (A)81 (Wo) +981
T134Camille DozoisCal Poly-San Luis Obispo (A)81 (Sn) +981
T134Patrick AlbanesiBoston College (A)81 (Wo) +981
T134Connor GreenleafBoston College (A)81 (Wo) +981
T134Brian BirnieProvidence College (A)81 (Wo) +981
T134Daniel SalvaySrixon greyCal Poly-San Luis Obispo (A)81 (Sn) +981
T134Johnny SpinelliSrixon greyGrand Canyon University (B)81 (Wo) +981
T134Patrick PerezUniversity of Florida (A)81 (Sn) +981
T134Brady PapkeSrixon greyUniversity of Arkansas (A)81 (Wo) +981
T134Alex JenkinsProvidence College (A)81 (Wo) +981
T134Matt PanzellaUniversity of Delaware (A)81 (Wo) +981
T134Grant HuizengaUniversity of Michigan (A)81 (Wo) +981
T134Cj FritcherUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison (A)81 (Sn) +981
T134Chris CornwellSrixon greyUniversity of Delaware (A)81 (Wo) +981
T134Michael FlanaganProvidence College (A)81 (Wo) +981
T134Joe ReichardUniversity of Georgia81 (Sn) +981
T134Alex BeversdorfUniversity of Minnesota-Twin Cities (A)81 (Wo) +981
T151Austin PfaffSrixon greyUniversity of Missouri-Columbia (A)82 (Wo) +1082
T151Tristan KoylGrand Canyon University (B)82 (Wo) +1082
T151Jack SterbenzUniversity of Alabama (A)82 (Wo) +1082
T151Shabaz KhanOhio State University (A)82 (Wo) +1082
T151Juan antonio TorresUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison (A)82 (Sn) +1082
T151Elliott GardnerUniversity of Virginia82 (Sn) +1082
T157Zachary MitchellCal Poly-San Luis Obispo (A)83 (Sn) +1183
T157Stephen BosakUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison (A)83 (Sn) +1183
T157Nick KempSrixon greyUniversity of Minnesota-Twin Cities (A)83 (Wo) +1183
T157William ClarkUniversity of Virginia83 (Sn) +1183
T157Parker TempletBaylor University (A)83 (Sn) +1183
T157Zeke ShenUniversity of Virginia83 (Sn) +1183
T157Braden PriceGrand Canyon University (A)83 (Sn) +1183
T157Ed TennisonGolf Academy of America - Dallas83 (Sn) +1183
T157Logan WalzerUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison (A)83 (Sn) +1183
T157Matthew MillikenThe University of Texas at Austin (A)83 (Sn) +1183
T157Kyle CarileSrixon greyOhio State University (A)83 (Wo) +1183
T157Nick JuskoSrixon greyUniversity of Arkansas (A)83 (Wo) +1183
T169Thomas RothwellSrixon greyUniversity of Michigan (A)84 (Wo) +1284
T169John LabroliVillanova University (A)84 (Sn) +1284
T169John GoingSrixon greyAuburn University84 (Wo) +1284
T169Grant ArmisteadUniversity of Alabama (A)84 (Wo) +1284
T169Cole BaldwinSrixon greyVirginia Tech84 (Sn) +1284
T169John NicholsSrixon greyBaylor University (A)84 (Sn) +1284
T169Bo HighfillUniversity of Arkansas (A)84 (Wo) +1284
T169Ray DimesticoWPI84 (Wo) +1284
T169Addison NixAuburn University84 (Wo) +1284
T169Jack BenottiUniversity of Delaware (A)84 (Wo) +1284
T169Dalton ShettleBaylor University (A)84 (Sn) +1284
T169Devon LibertyUniversity of Missouri-Columbia (A)84 (Wo) +1284
T181Sam WagnerOhio State University (A)85 (Wo) +1385
T181Jessica VidmarkSrixon greyUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (A)85 (Wo) +1385
T181Tommy LauerOhio State University (A)85 (Wo) +1385
T181Liam DriscollBoston College (A)85 (Wo) +1385
T181Brian TounaUniversity of Virginia85 (Sn) +1385
T186Samuel MarksUniversity of Minnesota-Twin Cities (A)86 (Wo) +1486
T186Jacob SpurgeonIndiana University-Bloomington (A)86 (Wo) +1486
T186Mason SeekinsSrixon greyUniversity of Arkansas (A)86 (Wo) +1486
T186Jason GarnetOhio State University (A)86 (Wo) +1486
T186Bennett UnderwoodSrixon greyUniversity of Wisconsin-Stout86 (Wo) +1486
T186Benjamin MartinUniversity of Arkansas (A)86 (Wo) +1486
T186Carlos BenavidesGolf Academy of America - Dallas86 (Sn) +1486
T193Hunter CaldwellSrixon greyUniversity of Arkansas (A)87 (Wo) +1587
T193Michael RozsaUniversity of Alabama (A)87 (Wo) +1587
T193Kyle PluschSrixon greyUniversity of Delaware (A)87 (Wo) +1587
T193Jerome MangubatSrixon greyUniversity of Delaware (A)87 (Wo) +1587
T193Cooper StrangGrand Canyon University (A)87 (Sn) +1587
T193Greg CrowleyUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (A)87 (Wo) +1587
T199Guillermo NigaglioniVillanova University (A)88 (Sn) +1688
T199Michael MurdyUniversity of Missouri-Columbia (A)88 (Wo) +1688
T199James Van elslanderVillanova University (A)88 (Sn) +1688
T199Kody FiserSrixon greyGrand Canyon University (B)88 (Wo) +1688
T199Chandler GannAuburn University88 (Wo) +1688
T199Riley RussellUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (A)88 (Wo) +1688
T199Jack NiebruggeSrixon greyArizona State University (A)88 (Sn) +1688
T206Zach NitscheBoston College (A)89 (Wo) +1789
T206Mike BravermanUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (A)89 (Wo) +1789
T206Michael FairSrixon greyUniversity of Delaware (A)89 (Wo) +1789
T206Conor FlanneryAuburn University89 (Wo) +1789
T210Kyle StreetIndiana University-Bloomington (A)90 (Wo) +1890
T210Aleksei GeniaUniversity of Michigan (A)90 (Wo) +1890
T210Griffin ColvinUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (A)90 (Wo) +1890
213Patrick PotterUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (A)92 (Wo) +2092
T214Jake EwingProvidence College (A)93 (Wo) +2193
T214Michael LaneBoston College (A)93 (Wo) +2193
T216Jack WheelerSrixon greyBoston College (A)94 (Wo) +2294
T216Brian DahmIndiana University-Bloomington (A)94 (Wo) +2294
T216Rafa SalamaSrixon greyBoston College (A)94 (Wo) +2294
219Sean DevneySrixon greyOhio State University (A)95 (Wo) +2395
T220Cole ManningSrixon greyProvidence College (A)96 (Wo) +2496
T220Ryan WardIndiana University-Bloomington (A)96 (Wo) +2496
T222Max MurphyUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison (A)97 (Sn) +2597
T222Robert TaylorGolf Academy of America - Dallas97 (Sn) +2597
224Adam ChmielewskiCal Poly-San Luis Obispo (A)99 (Sn) +2799