Edgewood GC | Big Bend

Edgewood GC | Big Bend on Facebook:  Course Closed due to weather. — feeling sad.

If there is one lesson to be learned from Wisconsin's return to winter this week, it's that Mother Nature is the ultimate starter when it comes to the golf season.

So, while we wait for that date to come (and stay), enjoy some scenes from golf courses around the state as they dig out from another hefty dumping of snow (and if you have others to share, email links to digital editor Rob Hernandez at rhernandez@wisgolfer.com or tag him on Twitter @RobHernandezGLF):

GCs of Lawsonia-Green Lake

GC of Lawsonia | Green Lake on Facebook: "It counts as a fairway hit if you can’t quite see the fairway right? 1 for 1 on fairways hit in our world! #GolfersInDenial"

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