State-by-state chart

See which states are open for golf (green), which are closed (red) and which are restricting play (yellow).

A state-by-state list prepared by the Golf Course Superintendents Association of American showing how governors across the country have ruled when it comes to allowing golf to be played during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Wisconsin.Golf has noted states with statewide "Safer At Home" orders in italics. The GSCAA updates this list daily.

GCSAA list of state-by-state action regarding golf during COVID-19 pandemic

State Course
Local considerations?
Alabama Yes Yes
Alaska Pending Pending
Arizona Yes Yes Preempted by state
Arkansas Yes Yes
California No Yes Some areas open for play; contact the city or county for restrictions. (The surrounding 5 S.F Bay area counties named golf specifically as banned until May 3rd. Maintenance is still allowed with social distancing.)
Colorado CO is open for play, but it is up to each county health department whether golf is allowed to play. Yes Tri County closed for play; maintenance allowed
Connecticut Yes Yes
Delaware Yes Yes
Florida Yes Yes City/Country restrictions may impact play. Check with local authorities.
Georgia Yes Yes Stay at home orders upcoming in Savannah and parts of Atlanta
Hawaii Yes Yes Big Island remains open; Maui, Kauai, Oahu closed to play.
Idaho Yes Yes
Illinois No Yes Local considerations
Indiana Yes Yes Howard County golf courses are closed for play; maintenance may continue
Iowa Yes Yes Check with local authorities for further guidelines
Kansas Yes Yes Some cities are preventing play; seeking clarification on maintenance
Kentucky Yes Yes Some local municipalities are closing courses for play.
Louisiana Yes Yes
Maine No Yes
Maryland No Yes
Massachusetts No Yes Town Boards of Health may restrict maintenance
Michigan No Golf courses may designate workers whose in-person presence is strictly necessary to conduct minimum basic operations and done in accordance with the mitigation measures required under section 10 of the order. Please contact local police departments to work collectively on allowable personnel and practices.
Minnesota Yes Yes
Mississippi Yes Yes
Missouri Yes Yes Check with local authorities
Montana Yes Yes
Nebraska Yes Yes
Nevada No Yes
New Hampshire No Yes
New Jersey No Yes
New Mexico No Yes
New York No Yes
North Carolina Yes Yes Consult local authorities for specific restrictions
North Dakota Yes Yes
Ohio Yes Yes Contact local health department as interpretations from the EO have varied.
Oklahoma Yes Yes
Oregon Yes Yes
Pennsylvania No Yes
Rhode Island Yes Yes
South Carolina Yes Yes (Horry County – open for play and maintenance); City of Myrtle Beach is open for play for residents only; seeking clarification on maintenance)
South Dakota Yes Yes Local restrictions may be forthcoming; Rapd City open for play/maintenance
Tennessee Yes Yes Golf courses in the Tennessee State Parks will be closed until April 9; Shelby County (Memphis) and Sevierville city courses are closed but maintenance is allowed
Texas Yes Yes Counties may restrict play (Harris County – open for play and maintenance; Dallas County – still seeking clarification)
Utah Yes Yes Cities may restrict play
Vermont No Yes
Virginia Yes Yes
Washington No Yes
West Virginia Yes Yes
Wisconsin No Yes Dunn, Washington County courses open; courses statewide will re-open April 24
Wyoming Yes Yes

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