Syd Wells

Syd Wells

WAUNAKEE — Syd Wells birdied two of her first three holes Sunday at the Wisconsin Women's State Golf Association Senior Championship and then had her hands full with The Meadows of Six-Mile Creek GC.

Monday was a different story.

Solid play over the last 12 holes helped the Menominee, Michigan, golfer rally past Madison's Sarah DeKraay and win the event for the fourth year in a row. Her final-round 73 gave her a 36-hole total of 6-over 150 left her two shots ahead of DeKraay (75) and three ahead of Brookfield's Maggie Leef (76).

Wells played that closing stretch in even-par with one birdie, one bogey and 10 pars. DeKraay double-bogeyed No. 9 to fall one shot behind Wells, who birdied No. 11 and bogeyed No. 12 and parred in for the victory.

Flight winners

First Flight: (Gross:) Deb Toll (Net:) Peg Carlson

Second Flight: (Gross:) Sandy Nass (Net:) Patty West

Third Flight: (Gross:) Susan Crowson (Net:) Susanne Holewinski

Fourth Flight: (Gross:) Gigi Coleman (Net:) Gretchen Styles

1Sydney Wells  Riverside Golf Club+1F+67773150 
2Sarah DeKraay  Cherokee CC+3F+87775152 
3Maggie Leef  The Legend Clubs+4F+97776153 
T4Susan Kolbe  Brown Deer Park GC+11F+167783160 
T4Carrie Sperling  Meadows of Sixmile Creek+6F+168278160 
6Deb Toll  Chaska GC+9F+178081161 
T7Liza Ruetten  Winagamie GC+9F+188181162 
T7Jill Trider  Brown County GC+8F+188280162 
9Peg Carlson  Odana Hills GC+10F+198182163 
T10Pat Roisum  Lake Ripley CC+10F+208282164 
T10Kelly Steen  Luck GC+12F+208084164 
12Amy Gehrke  Muskego Lakes CC+13F+228185166 
13Sandra Nass  Johnson Park GC+9F+268981170 
14Katie Falk  Milwaukee CC+17F+288389172 
T15Sue Wassenberg  Brown Deer Park GC+13F+298885173 
T15Patty West  Fox Valley GC+17F+298489173 
17Bonnie Butcher  Lake Arrowhead GC+15F+308787174 
T18Carla Konet  Deertrak GC+16F+349088178 
T18Lori Clark  Naga-Waukee GC+15F+349187178 
20Susan Crowson  Meadows of Sixmile Creek+17F+359089179 
21Lori Stevens  Luck GC+14F+369486180 
22Jeanie Wagner  Naga-Waukee GC+18F+379190181 
T23Krystyna Kumosz  Johnson Park GC+20F+389092182 
T23Jeanne Whitish  Meadows of Sixmile Creek+17F+389389182 
T23Susanne Holewinski  Naga-Waukee GC+15F+389587182 
T26Sandy Thies  Delbrook GC+13F+399885183 
T26Connie Hillmann  Brown Deer Park GC+18F+399390183 
T28Joyce Rose  Meadows of Sixmile Creek+23F+408995184 
T28Rita Cooney  Songbird Hills GC+22F+409094184 
T28D.J. McFarlane  Wanaki GC+21F+409193184 
T31Wendy Proctor  Brown Deer Park GC+21F+429393186 
T31Teckla Kubiak  Oakwood Park GC+20F+429492186 
33Lori Bindl Zahorik  Yahara Hills GC+18F *+439790187 
34Gigi Coleman  Odana Hills GC+22F+449494188 
35Martha Brusegar  Odana Hills GC+21F+459693189 
36Jill Doucette  Door Creek GC+23F+479695191 
37Pat Kraft  Chenequa CC+20F+4810092192 
T38Tam Flarup  Odana Hills GC+23F+509995194 
T38Mary Byrd  Meadows of Sixmile Creek+16F+5010688194 
T40Karen Weiss  Johnson Park GC+26F *+519798195 
T40Judy Beattie  Dretzka Park GC+23F+5110095195 
42Pamela Klatt  Luck GC+29F *+5396101197 
43Bonnie Jerow  Blackstone Creek GC+30F+5496102198 
T44Barbara Hussin  Brown Deer Park GC+30F+5597102199 
T44Karen Schmid  Naga-Waukee GC+24F+5510396199 
T46Geri Petersen  Johnson Park GC+34F+5896106202 
T46Kathy Algiers  Chaska GC+28F+58102100202 
48Claudia Standorf  Odana Hills GC+29F+60103101204 
49Christine Mortensen  Brown Deer Park GC+32F+61101104205 
50Rosalind Gusinow  Odana Hills GC+35F+6299107206 
T51Paula Garcia  EWGA - Milwaukee+30F+64106102208 
T51Patricia Ohme  Fox Valley GC+28F+64108100208 
53Cookie Brehm  Naga-Waukee GC+32F+66106104210 
54Gretchen Styles  Brown Deer Park GC+38F+69103110213 
55Claudia Berges  Johnson Park GC+33F+71110105215 
T56Dinah Polzin  Naga-Waukee GC+34F+73111106217 
T56Bonita Brunker  Wanaki GC+29F+73116101217 
58Micki Hill  Monona GC+54F+98116126242 
59Marilyn Glowacki  Dretzka Park GC+55F+105122127249

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